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Monday, July 28, 2008

Cream Puffs for Mugshots

Obama continues to enjoy cream puff treatment whenever his mugshot ends up on Newsweek (which of late seems to be just about every other week). Note figure A. below, the latest in the overwhelming tide of flattering Obama photo ops. Rodin should consider a copyright infringement suit against Newsweek for their attempt to make Obama look like a deep, reflective thinker.

This Newsweek cover photo follows on the heels of the Newsweek cover depicted in figure B-1 was spiked for the "photoshopped" figure B-2. It turns out that Jon Meacham's wife gently bestowed the angelic Halo upon Baracks countenance after her disapproval of the original cover shot. Disney may want to employ her creative genius since that Pixar deal was very expensive. Checkout this collage. Notice, in the top right, how Time Magazine's cover likewise casts a mystic aura around the "Messiah's" mind. Not to be outdone, Rollingstone chose to simply casts its brilliant penumbra around Obama's entire body.

This reminds me of when Rolling Stones air-brushed Al Gore's crotch in their attempt to make an alpha male out of the Enviro-Prophet. Nevertheless, the worshipful media contiues for Obama.

Who knows, maybe some day The Messiah's glory may one day even outshine the Prophet.

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