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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chi-Comms Beating and Detaining Press and Others

  1. John Ray of Brittain's ITV news was detained
  2. Another man Ji Sizun came to Beijing from the southern province of Fujian and wanted to demonstrate in one of three protest zones Chinese officials have designated for the games, Human Rights Watch said in a statement. Ji, 58, applied at the Deshengmenwai police station on Aug. 8, the day the Olympics began, and disappeared three days later, when he went back to check on his application, it said. Witnesses saw Ji enter the police station on August 11 only to be escorted out of the building later and put into a car by several men "who appeared to be plainclothes policemen," the group said. Ji's cell phone was turned off on Wednesday. A man who answered the telephone at the Deshengmenwai police station said no one had been arrested or taken away.
  3. Now China is trying to stomp out the media reports of the fake face/voice
  4. A Chinese Christian on his way to a worship service attended by Pres. Bush while in China is now missing after being taken away by security forces
  5. Chinese detain and beat 2 Japanese reporters.

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