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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will the MSM Discuss Obama (Sr.'s) Legacy of Polygamy?

This from Newsweek:
Born in 1961, [Barack] Obama is the son of a white mother from Kansas; his father was a black man from Kenya. The parents met at the university of Hawaii and married; Obama was born; the father, who, it turned out, already had one family in Africa, left for Harvard and never came back. "I consider myself a serial polygamist," Obama Sr. once told a friend. "That is, one wife at a time." By most accounts Senior had eight children with four women."
I seem to remember a few months ago when the main stream media attempted to railroad another presidential candidate because of his alleged connection or descent from a polygamist ancestor? Examples of this can be seen here, here and here. While Mitt Romney's great-great-grandfather had more than one wife, Barack Hussein Obama's father (note: that's just one generational step above the current Democrat presidential nominee) was, by his own admission a "serial polygammist." In the eyes of the MSM will that disqualify his son for the presidency? I doubt it.


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