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Friday, August 8, 2008

Republicans: "The Party of the Stupid"

Paul Krugman writing for the left leaning Old Gray Lady today writes:
"Republicans, once hailed as the 'party of ideas,' have become the party of stupid."
Before I respond to his editorial, let me just note that Mr. Krugman reminds me of just about every one of my former college professors. Why is it that the Left breeds these left-over sixties radical wimps...who all wear beards as a sign of their intellectualism? Is it a requirement that you have to wear a beard once your thesis is approved? American special forces wear beards when hunting down Al Queada, but I don't think these limp wristed leftests all wear beards because they are manly, I think it's because they, if nothing else, want to look manly.

Now to address Krugman's editorial. It's hard to reason with man who asserts absolutely no facts in his writing and then relies upon "experts from the energy department," but I'll try. Krugman attacks Republicans as the party of "instant-gratification," but that's hardly a befitting description for a party that, at least traditionally, was opposed to governmental bailouts for every spoiled, lazy or self indulgent modern American. It's certainly not the Republican platform to espouse abortion to avoid the consequences of one's action, to bail out people with bad credit histories, many of whom lied about their income and nature of employment, got mortgage loans they weren't qualified for to buy houses they couldn't afford.

Krugman again puts forth the Leftists favorite naked assertion that "it would take years before offshore drilling would yield any oil at all, and that even then the effect on prices at the pump would be 'insignificant.'" The Spectator does a good job analyzing that one:
On Friday, July 14, the price of a barrel of oil hit $147. On Monday, July 17, President Bush withdrew the Executive Order banning offshore drilling. That doesn't even start any new drilling because there is still a Congressional ban in place. Nevertheless, by Friday, July 21, after 4 straight days of decline, the price of oil had plummeted to $128, a decline of 13% on a symbolic action alone. The Center for American "Progress" was only off by 21 years, 51 weeks.

There are oil wells off the Pacific coast that were capped years ago when the offshore drilling ban was first adopted. They could be brought back into production in less than a year. Expert oil engineers recently interviewed have said other sites could be producing in 18 months. The standard estimate for production from new drilling in Alaska is 10 years. But if the government gets the lawsuits and regulatory delays out of the way, here's betting the new wells would be producing in less than 5 years.
The truth of the matter can be summed up as Representative Michele Bachmann assures us: Democrats “want Americans to move to the urban core, live in tenements, [and] take light rail to their government jobs.”

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