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Friday, August 15, 2008

Germans try to slow glacier melt with giant screen

Folks, this is getting ridiculous. How far afield has western civilization drifted from any rational notions of morality when you have a bunch of German scientists running around trying to 'save the ice?' Just read this story for starters:
German researchers trying to slow melting glaciers have set up a large screen in the Swiss Alps that they hope will trap cold air over the icy mass, Johannes Gutenberg University said Thursday. 'We hope our installations will bring about a net cooling of the area. And if the melt is not stopped, that it is at least slowed,' the project's leader, geography professor Hans-Joachim Fuchs, said in a statement.
For years the environmental movement has advocated a new type of morality (one which places and animal life above human life and the 'earth' above all) but now the Germans have taken this absurdity to a whole new level. They have decided to expend huge amounts of time, research, money and energy to "clothe" the glaciers from the sun's rays. I think that someone needs to inform these guys that the ultimate injunction is to feed the hungered and clothe the naked, not to run around "clothing" the ice. The ice has been there for hundreds of years and will be there long after any of us are gone. The ice doesn't need your charity, HUMANS DO!

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